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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Special Guest Writer Brandon Rose's Valentines Day Advice for the Fellas

Hey everyone! Meet my very first guest writer Brandon Rose. He has some fantastic ideas that every guy should pay close attention to this Valentines Day. I mean, let's face it, romance isn't always second nature for most men so guys, lend this man your ears. Oh and for the ladies reading, if you wanna give your Valentine a "hint hint", just casually leave this page open on his laptop or iPad, cross your fingers and hope for the best. On to you Brandon! 

 Making Valentine’s Day Special For Her

By: Brandon Rose



Fellas, Valentine’s Day is the one-day a year you need to put in 100% effort for your significant other.  Because you know what happens on February 15th?  Your girl and all of her girlfriends get together to brag about what their men have done for them, and this is the one contest where you don’t want to be the loser.  This year, up your Valentine’s Day game with these tips and be the guy who puts some thought into her special day.  


Flowers are a definite must on Valentine’s Day but don’t just pick up a bunch from the petrol station. Bad move. Believe me she will be able to tell. Do yourself a favour and call your local florist ahead of time and order something decent. Red roses are your classic Valentine’s Day flower and are always a good choice, but if you know that your girl has a thing for white tiger lilies, don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm and get her what you know she likes.  Sending your woman flowers at work is always a smooth move and especially if you send them the day before Valentine’s Day with a note that lets her know how you couldn’t wait until February 14th to show her how much you love her. Congratulations! You just earned some serious brownie points while disarming your competition that all send flowers to their women at work the following day with a message that doesn’t matter because you did it first.  Be an original, because nobody remembers who the second guy was to walk on the moon.


Also as Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year why not book your lady in for a beauty treatment at her local beauty salon. You may just be able to coincide it while the match is on. Smooth move again.


You’ve now got some nice momentum going, and you want to capitalise on it so make sure you also book a table at her favorite restaurant for an evening date. But remember restaurants are bound to get booked up quickly so make a reservation now.  If there’s already no room at the Inn, maybe her favourite restaurant does home delivery? Draw the curtains, light some candles, fire up the Barry White and hey presto… you’ve set the scene for one romantic evening in. 


For dessert, send her on a treasure hunt.  Buy her three or four little gifts and hide them throughout the house with clues attached to each that lead her to the next gift.  Make the hints rhyme for added effect and watch her squeal in delight.  The gifts can be small, such as her favourite chocolate bar, a gift certificate to the nail salon, or her favourite perfume. However, of course jewellery is always a big winner too.  Have the last clue lead her to the freezer where her favorite desert is waiting for her.  Enjoy it together and pour on the romance thick, because you just made her Valentine’s Day special, and all of her girlfriends jealous.

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