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Friday, December 19, 2014

My Idea of Christmas Table Setting Perfection

Getting friends and family together for a festive Christmas dinner is one of my absolute favourite things about the holidays. And now living in the UK I get to enjoy my beautiful set up for more than one day because we have a second celebratory meal on Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas. On Boxing Day we usually dig into any leftovers or I make everyone my special Turkey and leftover sandwiches before we all retire to the living room to watch movies. Anyway, my friends at have asked me to design my perfect Christmas table setting using their fabulous vintage tableware and decor. Check out all of their vintage furniture here.  And seeing as I'm a huge vintage fanatic, I gladly rose to the occasion.

When it comes to decorating (my husband and I being big time nature lovers) I like to bring elements of the outdoors in. For Christmas this year, this makes me think of deer and moose in the woods with a bit of shiny gold or bronze sprinkled in. I also love mixing in a little modern with my vintage and I am a big fan of the Conran Shop here in London when it comes to modern chic. 

We'll be spending our Christmas and Boxing Day in Wales with our family there and I think the items I've chosen to put together for the table will go perfectly with the heavily wooded forest hills that will be surrounding us. I've got my fingers crossed for snow too!

The table I've chosen is large and rustic. We have quite a few people to entertain which means A LOT of food so space is crucial. I also love the color and slightly roughed up quality of the wood so there's no need to cover it up with a table cloth. 
Antique barn WW1 era wood plank table

And now for the centerpiece....or shall I say centerpieces: 
Naturally shed moose antler, Vintage decorative leaf tray, Vintage brass deer pair.

Centerpiece accompaniments: 

Serving Dishes:

Vintage bronze bamboo flatware, Amber glass tumbler, Jade dinner plate
Agate coasters with gold rims, Vintage green stemmed champagne glasses.

To keep the bubbly cold:
Mid century modern king teak ice bucket

And for keeping up with British tradition, CHRISTMAS CRACKERS!!! (We pull these open and a prize and paper crown pops out!)

Well, thats my ideal set up for this Christmas. Adding lots of vintage makes me feel especially warm and fuzzy inside because it reminds me of my late grandmothers and the decorations they would have put out when we visited for the holidays. I guess a big part of me wants to carry on these classic traditions while including a little bit of my own new ones. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year! Cheers!

PJJ xx

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