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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Healthy Obsession

New year, new routines, new inspirations!

Here's everything thats part of my 2014 health and beauty regimen that I'd absolutely recommend. I'm working on picking up as many good habits as I can so I can easily push out the bad ones (candy, fried foods, general couch-potato laziness...etc) And so far, so good!


Workout Trainer App by Skimble

I use this on my Ipad at the gym and at home. It's the closest thing to having a personal trainer without dropping serious $$$. I bought the PRO upgrade which is well worth the $6.99 a month. I no longer have a problem with boredom at the gym since there are hundreds of routines and some even incorporate gym equipment with very detailed instructions on form and positioning. And it tells you how many calories you've burned after every workout. It's incredible!

Yoga Studio App by Modern Lotus

I try to get in 15-30 minute sessions every morning in my living room. It's such a perfect way to start the day. This app only costs $2.99 but looks and operates very classy and high end. Each yoga class is shown in actual video with a soothing voice speaking so that you know exactly how to position yourself. And there are classes for every level of expertise.


The 8 hour Diet

As I've posted before, I follow the 8 hour diet and love it! It just works for me and is super easy for me to follow. And the best part is I can only have to stick to it 3-5 days out of the week!

My Super Blender (VitaMix or Optimum 9400)

I use the bad boy everyday. It blends anything into a fine liquid which I love because I'm not a fan of thick juices and it's actually A LOT easier and less messy than the juicer I used to have.

Bounce Bars

These cute little snacks are my protein bar of choice. All natural and only around 210 calories per bar plus 12 grams of protein to help me stay lean. And the best part is they're very small and dense so I feel perfectly full and ready for a good workout afterward.
Green Tea

I go for the whole leaf organic brands because they just taste better and give me a great energy boost. I have 2 cups straight away every morning with some fresh mint and nothing else.

We've been going lighter on our meat intake in my household and Quorn makes that incredibly easy. It's made from a mushroom and comes in every way, shape and form. The texture is much nicer than tofu and it absorbs seasoning very well. I made taco's with the mince and they tasted just like Taco Bell!
Women's One Vitamins

I ordered these on Amazon and they've been my favorite vitamins to take. I've tried all kinds but this is the first one to get the job done in just one tablet. And it has probiotics included!

Caudalie Face Cream

I've been using this stuff for years and its pure magic! It keeps my face supremely hydrated and smooth and smells like a day at the spa. Obsessed!
Beeswax Hand Cream
Burt's Bees also makes a nice one,, I got mine at a shop in Bath and it's completely transformed my dry cracking hands and cuticles from the harsh winter cold. And only a little dab goes a long way.

Honey Mask by Fresh
I use this mask about once every 2 weeks. I slather it over my entire face and let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. It keeps my skin balanced and baby soft.

Now go get healthy and happy! Love to you all! x

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