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Monday, July 15, 2013

Caenarfon Castle, North Wales

Last week we took a trip up to North Wales to hike Snowden and stayed in a quaint little town called Caenarfon. I was delighted to find this magnificent castle as we entered the town and couldn't wait to explore every inch! I'd never visited a real life castle before but it's something I've dreamed of since I was a young girl when the Excaliber Hotel and Casino in my hometown of Las Vegas was the closest I could get.
The view of the courtyard from the top of the Chamberlain Tower. Luckily we got there early before the crowds.
Caernarfon Castle (or Castell Caernarfon in Welsh) is an absolutely magical treasure. Built in 1283 by Edward I, It's been very well maintained and kept entirely intact over the centuries. Walking through the long hallways and up the winding spiral staircases, you can feel and breathe in the history all around you. We spent quite some time exploring the many cellars, balconies, and towers and still wondered if we saw everything! My imagination was running wild with thoughts of what went on in this place so many years ago. What was it like to be a royal or nobleman living your everyday life behind the castle walls? Who were these people? What were the battles like? With so many different eras having inhabited Caernarfon Castle, the possibilities are endless. So I'll just keep dreaming...

Me inside the well tower. It's mossy because it used to be filled with the castle's water supply. 
Entering the main castle door

A view from the kitchen window
One of many spiral staircases that lead up the castle towers. Some are so long they have large cut outs in the walls where you can have a rest.
This was a cellar where food was kept for storage for winter.
The Grand Hall. Over 100 ft long and incredible to walk through. Except when it gets dark in some areas...then it gets spooky.
Royal portraits. Thats King George VI who was depicted in the movie The Kings Speech.
And finally the view of the outside town from one of the towers.
Here's the wikipedia page with more info if you're interested....

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