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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cooking with Truffle. A Touch of Class.

As you may have noticed by now, I AM OBSESSED WITH TRUFFLE!!!

I hadn't tried it till about 3 years ago in a truffle mac and cheese, yum....but I've been an addict ever since. If I see anything containing truffle on a menu, I will have it. I know, it's an expensive habit but it's better than being hooked on cocaine or pills right?! Anyway, drug jokes aside, truffle adds such a special touch to any dish and now that it's easily available to everyone, I strongly suggest you try it at home too!

I know that when most people think of truffle they imagine going to some fancy french market and paying thousands of dollars for these precious nuggets and that's quite intimidating. Though that can be the scenario when purchasing truffles, there are now ways of bringing it to your own home cooking. I use this black truffle oil and black truffle salt. Both can be found at World Market, Sur La Table or for around $15-$20 each. 

The oil is good for drizzling on pastas, salads or anything creamy and the salt I use to season anything like roasted veggies, eggs, or chicken and fish dishes. The key is to add either truffle infusion at the last stage of cooking or onto a finished dish. Cooking the truffle for too long will decrease the strength of it's flavor. A good trick for using the truffle salt is to not use regular salt in the dish at any point of cooking and then sprinkle a generous amount of the truffle salt onto the finished product. 

Now get ready to impress because anything with that aromatic, earthy, deep truffle taste is like no other. Any regular everyday meal can now be a five star dining experience. Bon Appetite! 

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